12 Inch Turntable

Desktop turntable for smaller items 

2ft Turntable

Large table top turntable can also have a person standing on it

4ft Turntable

Heavy duty turntable can carry objects/people

11ft Turntable

Giant variable speed turntable capable of rotating a whole room

High Speed Firing Box

To be able to trigger pyros and other, at high speed by the milla second and is programable 

Lock Off Chair

Allows someone to sit extremely still whilst filming 

Nitrogen Cannon

Cannon used to fire objects at high speed or objects of heavy weight 

Small Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt to drop multiple objects in sequence on the same plain

Swirl Generator

For generating a swirling vortex

Swirl Rig

For making swirly liquid effects


Allows you to walk and run in the same place