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Juan Cabral's latest campaign, full of buttery goodness...

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Go Compare

We got up close and personal with Mr Wiggle Workout himself...

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Professor Branestawm

Harry Hill plays a nutty Professor, and we built his wacky inventions...

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The Enfield Haunting

Spooky effects from another dimension...

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Schwartz spices



Schwartz exploding spice sacks

Over 250 pyrotechnic charges released with phenomenally accurate timing...

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Sony volcano



Sony 4K TV

Three tonnes of petals made to erupt from a real life volcano in Central America...

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Heineken tiny image

Machine Shop special effects is established as one of the leading companies operating primarily in the fields of special effects and interactive exhibition design and build. We offer effects solutions including rigs, floor effects, pyrotechnics, atmospheric effects, models, miniatures, liquid effects, animatronics, puppets and costumes for TV, commercials, film, promo, events and theatre. An extensive range of stock special effects equipment hire enhances the offering.

Additionally we are involved with interactive design and build, art-fabrication and design, product development and prototyping. CAD/CAM facilities allied to CNC machining and a portable 3-D high definition scanner enable full integration with a wide range of suppliers and industries around the globe. Working with you we integrate into the creative journey with imagination, commitment and flair.

"Machine Shop: creative excellence from concept to completion"

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Go Compare bazooka
This rocket launcher was a great exercise in modelmaking, engineering and pyrotechnics...
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